Nancy Lanza, Mother of Newtown Shooter Adam Lanza, Has Memorial Service

Nancy Lanza has finally been laid to rest, close to six months after her son Adam Lanza killed her and then went on a rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 20 children dead.

Close to 100 mourners gathered at a church in Kingston, New Hampshire, where Nancy Lanza once lived.

Mourners lined up to enter the church and remember Nancy Lanza, while outside the service a police officer played bagpipes. Some of them were crying as they left the service, The Associated Press reported.

She had been killed in the early morning hours of December 14, shot dead in her home by son Adam Lanza.

Many have placed blame on Nancy Lanza for not seeking more help for Adam, who was clearly troubled, and allowing him access to guns. Investigators who completed an in-depth report of the Newtown shooter found that he lived holed up in his mother’s basement, playing video games incessantly and making plans for a massacre.

Investigators said they found reams of research on other massacres and detailed plans Adam Lanza made, including what weapons he would use. Nancy Lanza herself was an avid shooter and accompanied Adam to a shooting range, also giving him access to a large cache of weapons.

The weapon Adam Lanza used at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle, was legally purchased by his mother.

But for all the information they gathered, police are still unclear on a motive for Adam Lanza’s rampage shooting.

Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy Lanza already had a small funeral on December 20, close to a week after she was killed. Adam, who killed himself as police closed in after his shooting rampage, had a small service after his father claimed his remains.

The memorial service for Nancy Lanza comes as Newtown officials try to move past the massacre committed by Adam Lanza. They recently announced that Sandy Hook Elementary School would be torn down.