Fifty Shades of Grey Author E.L. James: 'I'm not a great writer!'

Fifty Shades of Grey, the tantalizing trilogy about the dominate-submissive relationship between an older man (Christian Grey) and college student (Anastasia Steele) has been described as porn for lonely housewives, and has grabbed the nation's attention for its raunchy sexcapades. People have said that its popularity despite its grammatical errors, and horrible execution might just change the world of publishing. Even more astounding is its a best seller amongst The New York Times list.

Well now, the author behind the trilogy, simply known as E.L. James tells Today that she's not even a good writer! The story, which started out as fictional Twilight stories (yes, you read that right), started off as Bella and Edward's meeting in the modern world. "I'm stunned by [their] popularity," E.L. James says, adding, "I'm not a great writer."

As for where she got her inspiration from? James has said that it was her own midlife crises that set her into motion. "I was obsessed," says James. "I didn't do anything else for two years." As for the realism behind the steamy domineering, and alluring Christian Grey, the author admits that he's not the picture perfect voice for the every day man stating he looks "really attractive on paper."

E.L. James goes on to explain her stance on the appeal of the book telling Today, "You're in charge of your job, your house, your children, getting food on the table, doing all of this all of the time. It's nice for someone to just be in charge for a bit."

Should the nation be paying this close attention to Shades of Grey? What do you think this is teaching our younger generation of readers and writers? Sound off here!

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