Melbourne, Australia Experiences Another Earthquake

The spate of bizarre sesmic activity hasn’t left the Great Southern Land tonight with news that Melbourne has experienced yet another earthquake.

The latest quake struck at around 7:10pm local time (AEDT) and follows another small quake centered on Frankston (just outside Melbourne) in the last two weeks.

At the time of writing we don’t have a reading, however the broad range of Tweets about it would suggest it happened.

We’ll update this post with a reading when we have it.

At a guess we’d suggest that the epicenter was to the South East of Melbourne. More soon.

Update: unconfirmed report via Twitter puts the earthquake at a 3.0. More soon


Update 2: Geoscience Australia remains down. Sure sign of confirmation. The Rudd Government needs to give them more money :)

Update 3: we have a 95% confirmed report that the quake was a 2.3 with an epicenter near Pearcedale, map as follows:


Update 4: latest word is a 3.2 in Port Phillip Bay, as confirmed by Geoscience Australia. Big q is, how is it that our best scientists take over an hour to work out an earthquake.