Yearbook Prank Leads To Felony Charge For High School Student

It’s all fun and games until someone gets charged with a felony. A 17-year-old student is facing felony charges after pulling a yearbook prank at Hickman High School.

Kaitlyn Booth allegedly changed a classmates last name from Mastain to “masturbate” in the school yearbook. The prank earned her an arrest for suspicion of first-degree property damage, a felony, and harassment.

Hickman school principal Tracey Conrad said that the prank wasn’t brought to the school’s attention until after the yearbooks were distributed.

Conrad said that the school would have had to pay around $40,000 to have all 720 yearbooks reprinted. Instead, the school decided to have stickers placed over the obscene name.

Conrad told the Colombian Tribune: “The yearbook staff worked diligently to retrieve the ones that had been handed out and to put the stickers over the pages of the yearbooks that were yet to be handed out.”

Raigan Mastain, the victim of the yearbook prank, said that she was a little annoyed when she saw that her name had been changed to “masturbate” but admitted that it “wasn’t devastating.” Mastain also said that she was surprised that Booth arrested on felony charges.

Mastain said: “I was kind of annoyed. It was stupid, but I wasn’t that upset … I understand the legality … but I was definitely pretty shocked … When you’re in high school, you do stuff that is not necessarily the smartest, and this was an example of that. What she did wasn’t right, but I don’t think it should affect her for the rest of her life.”

The NY Daily News reports that Booth has not been officially charged with a felony yet.