Sony President Trolls Twitter Over DRM

Sony’s president took to Twitter to troll everyone about DRM.

After Sony started following Microsoft’s example with the Xbox One, planning for DRM with the PlayStation 4 to control the use of pre-owned games, Twitter campaigned against it using the hashtag #PS4noDRM. The ability to freely play used games is a big deal for gamers who can’t afford to buy the games at the brand new price, and Microsoft received a ton of outrage over it. One game store chain known for accepting used game trade-ins, GameStop, is circling the drain after investors dropped about 20 percent of their stocks in the company within a day of the announcement of their involvement.

Gamers don’t want DRM (digital rights management) clouding the enjoyment of their brand spanking new console. We want to pay just once for used games. Used games are supposed to be a discount, not an extra cost, as the general consensus has shown.

At first, Sony took to Twitter to let PlayStation 4 fans know they were listening. Now Sony president Shahid Kamal Ahmad has taken to trolling the fans.

Yesterday it was announced that a current generation update of Death Ray Manta would be coming to PlayStation Vita, and its initials just happen to be DRM. Death Ray Manta is a game that’s been on Android and iOS for some time and seen success as a simple arcade-style shooter. It involves a sea-going creature that shoots lasers with gameplay similar to Smash TV and Robotron.

Sony’s president saw the similarity right away as Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida retweeted the announcement of an Inquisitr article by yours truly. As a joke, he replied, “@yosp That’s right Shuhei, we are going to have “DRM” on PlayStation Vita. ;-)”

The good news is that if Sony is joking about it, it proves they’re listening and might not use DRM (digital rights management, that is) on PlayStation 4 after all.

What do you think of Sony trolling Twitter about DRM?