Vine Wedding Proposal Goes Viral

A Vine wedding proposal has gone viral after Los Angeles resident Curt Buthman proposed to girlfriend Marsha Collier.

In his tweet, Curt wrote: “I love you! #WillYouMarryMe <3 #custserv”

While proposing in 140 characters or less is nothing new, the message was accompanied by a Vine video.

The entire proposal went down on May 28, 2013, and, as you might expect, Marsha said yes!

So why would Buthman use the hashtag #custserv? It turns out his girlfriend created that hashtag in 2009, and it has since become a popular Twitter chat.

After viewing the message Collier tells HuffPost:

“I was trying to run the #custserv chat and then my mind totally froze.”

Her mind only froze for a few moments before she quickly tweeted the following message:

We know you want to see the final product so here’s Curt Buthman’s Vine wedding proposal:

So is this the new medium for wedding proposals? I mean, we meet people online to date, we chat online with our significant others, why not outsource our proposals as well. Okay maybe that’s taking it a bit too far on a mass scale. On the other hand, the happy couple did receive a great reception to the proposal.

Here are a few responses that popped up after Marsha Collier said yes:

And one more:

So what do you think about the Vine wedding proposal?