Mother Of Baby 59: Son Fell In Sewer Pipe Accidentally

The mother of Baby 59 has been identified. The 22-year-old Chinese woman claims that her son fell into the sewer pipe accidentally. The new mother reported the incident immediately. However, she did not reveal her identity as the child’s mother, until she was confronted by authorities.

The mother, who has not been named, reportedly lived in the building where the newborn was recovered from a sewer pipe. She was young, pregnant, and unmarried. As reported by ABC News, she hid the pregnancy from her parents out of shame.

The mother of Baby 59 explained that she was using the restroom when the child unexpectedly slipped out and fell down the toilet. She states that she tried to retrieve him, but he fell out of reach.

She informed the building’s landlord that she suspected a baby was in the sewer pipe. However, she failed to identify herself as the mother.

Emergency crews were called to the building. Chinese firefighters eventually recovered the newborn from an L-joint section of the sewer pipe, which was only three inches in diameter.

As reported by USA Today, the section of pipe was removed at the apartment building. The firefighters took the section, with the baby inside, to the hospital. Upon arrival, the newborn was extracted from the pipe using saws and pliers.

Baby 59 is reportedly recovering and doing well. He is currently being kept in incubator number 59, which led to his nickname.

The mother of Baby 59 suffered complications from the birth and is currently hospitalized in serious condition. Authorities searched her apartment and recovered baby toys and towels covered in blood.

When questioned, the mother admitted that the baby was hers. She explained that she initially wanted to have an abortion but could not afford one. The mother contends that the incident was accidental and she is sorry her child ended up in the pipe.

Local authorities are reportedly handling the incident as an accident. The mother of Baby 59 has not mentioned whether she wishes to retain custody of her son.

[Image via Flickr]