Matt Kemp Flies Terminally Ill Fan To Los Angeles To Meet The Dodgers

MLB player Matt Kemp flew a terminally ill fan out to Los Angeles this weekend to watch the Dodgers take on the Angels at Dodgers Stadium.

According to Yahoo Sports, Kemp met Joshua Jones, a 19-year-old who has a terminal form of a cancer, last month after a game against the San Francisco Giants.

The meeting occurred after Jones’ father, Steve, asked the third base coach if he could get Kemp to come over and say hi. Well, Kemp did a lot more than just say hi. He met Jones on the sidelines and then gave the young fan his jersey, his cleats and his hat.

Steve Jones said: You don’t find a lot of ballplayers who will do something like that for you … I asked him to come over and say hello to my son and he’s done a lot more than that.”

A video of the incident went viral and Kemp was praised for his good deed. But like all things on the internet, the moment quickly faded into obscurity. But not for Kemp. The MLB player has apparently been thinking about Jones and decided that he wanted to do something else for the young man and his family.

Kemp flew Jones and his family out to Los Angeles to watch the Dodgers play on Memorial Day. Jones got to meet Dodgers president Stan Kasten, as well as several players like Mike Trout of the Angels and Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers.

Steve said: “This is a dream come true for my son here. I mean, look at him — he doesn’t even know what to say.”

This isn’t Kemp’s first good deed to hit the news this week. The baseball player donated $250,000 to the relief effort in Oklahoma. He will also be donating $1000 for every home run he hits from now until the All-Star break.