RGIII Sends Thank You Note To Fans Over Wedding Gift

Robert Griffin III is set to marry Rebecca Liddicoat on July 6th and he’s been receiving wedding gifts through his registry from Redskins’ fans ever since it was leaked. Now, “RGIII” has sent a thank you note to two fans who purchased a gift for the couple.

Keith and Emily Elgin were the lucky fans who received the letter from Griffin that was hand-written and also included a signature. Keith Elgin posted a photo of the note on Twitter, and he also spoke to ThePostGame about the his special note from last season’s Offensive Rookie of the Year.

“[He’s] just an all around solid guy,” he wrote to ThePostGame. “We just wanted to buy them a gift to send some encouragement their way, and it turned into a really fun story!”

The Washington Post’s DC Sports Bog originally reported the story on Saturday, and they also noted that Keith and Emily Elgin bought Griffin and his future wife Rebecca a welcome mat.

A hand-signed note from the Redskins’ quarterback himself isn’t too shabby for the small price of a welcome mat. The simple gesture will go a long way, as athletes get fan mail all the time and rarely respond, much less send a thank you note out that wasn’t asked of them.

RGIII did just that, and it’s unknown whether he sent out anymore. Maybe he just really liked the welcome mat so much that he felt the need to thank the Elgin’s personally.

In the note, Griffin and his fiancé say, “Thank you for your kind gift. Even as nothing was expected from you, out of the love in your hearts you sent us one anyways, and made our wedding experience even more special. Thank you!”

Here’s a photo of the note that Keith Elgin posted on Twitter.

Has RGIII’s thank you note to his fans taken class to another level after they sent him a wedding gift?

[Image via Keith Allison]