Donald Trump For President: His Over-The-Top Tweets Reveal His Policies

Donald Trump may run for president in 2016, and followers, fans, and hilarity-loving comedians seem to be egging him on. The Donald is a very frequent tweeter, but in the wake of the new 2016 rumors, his Twitter activity has exploded, with advice for everyone from President Obama to John McCain.

A New York Post report said that Donald Trump special counsel Michael Cohen revealed that they’d already paid $1 million to figure out what Trump would need to do to win in 2016. According to Cohen: “We did not spend $1 million on this research for it just to sit on my bookshelf.”

Let’s get one thing straight. At the time of writing, Donald Trump hasn’t said whether or not he’s really running. The whole thing could be yet another high-profile publicity stunt for his casinos, his hotels, and — of course — his reality TV show.

Nathan Francis for The Inquisitr has an in-depth analysis of why a Trump 2016 run could have a lot of trouble gaining traction.

And we all know that Donald Trump cried wolf once before. In 2012, he made a lot of noise about incumbent President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, but he ultimately didn’t run.

However, going by Donald Trump’s Twitter posts, he’s definitely toying with the idea.

So, if you want to ask yourself, WWTDD (What Would The Donald Do), why not take a quick stroll through his Twitter timeline?

As for me, my big question is this: Can a man really tweet this much and still look presidential? How do you vote for a man who tweets more than Amanda Bynes?

For a billionaire, Trump’s businesses go bankrupt pretty frequently, and apparently he’s got a gripe with big government as a result:

One fan’s take:

She might have a point. The man who showed us how to go bankrupt by owning a casino shouldn’t have much problem wiping out the national debt. Isn’t that what Chapter 11 is for?

Like everybody else, Donald Trump is against the war in Iraq:

He wasn’t happy about reports that Senator McCain just met with rebels in Syria:

And the Memorial Weekend rant continued for several more tweets. Here’s the best one:

To a certain extent, I understand Trump’s bitterness on the issue of foreign aid. New York and New Jersey, and the entire casino industry in Atlantic City, suffered terribly in the wake of Hurricane Sandy:

However, I wonder how that statement from the Atlantic City casino billionaire can possibly be true. I do know that aid poured in from nations around the world to my region in the wake of the horrifying 2005 Hurricane Katrina strike on New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

You can always get a retweet out of The Donald by appealing to his ego with flattery:

But does Donald Trump really have answers?

Is a 2016 Trump presidential race really in the works?

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