Royal Caribbean Cruise Fire Passengers Discuss Their Ordeal

Passengers on the Grandeur of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean vessel that caught ablaze early on Monday morning and had to be diverted to save those on board, have been talking about their ordeal.

Katie Coleman told CBS News, “It was obviously the most terrifying thing in my life. There was panic on deck as passengers watched lifeboats being lowered into the water.”

Meanwhile, Bang Warren, who was made to evacuate her room as the warning sirens blasted throughout the described the scene of terror to The Baltimore Sun, stating, “A lot of people were passing out with fear. I know some children were vomiting.” It was also confirmed that oxygen masks and life vest were distributed to keep passengers safe.

Danielle Miller, a 23-year-old passenger, was asleep when the original call was made for passengers to put on life jackets. “My first though was that we were sinking,” she said.

Miller then told ABC News, “I opened the door and just see people running around with life jackets on and we were being yelled at to get our life jackets on and run up to a deck that was two floors above us.”

She then added, “But we didn’t know what was going on because when we were going to bed it was really stormy, so we honestly thought the boat might have been sinking. And we were just panicking and running upstairs. And we didn’t know for about a half hour that there was a fire two decks below where we were at.”

Describing the chaos around her, Miller concluded, “A couple people fainted. People were throwing up, crying. Just anxiety attacks everywhere. I was just telling my roommate stay calm.”

Those passengers from the stricken vessel have been promised a full refund as well as a gift certificate from the company.

Are you scared to go cruising because of this fire?