June 16, 2013
Usher 911 Tape Released After Stalker Shows Up At Pop Stars Home

Usher Raymond, better known to his fans simply as "Usher" placed a June 24 called to 911 dispatch after a female stalker approached his front door for the second time in two days.

The 911 tape which was obtained by TMZ clearly lays out the pop singers ordeal as he personally called local authorities to report the incident.

Usher is barely audible on the call as he whispered to the 911 operator to avoid being heard by the deranged female fan.

On the tape User can be heard proclaiming:

"I don't know this woman ... she rang my doorbell."
The doorbell is then heard ringing once again.

You can even hear Usher's doorbell ring while he's on the phone.

User then comes to the conclusion:

"She's obviously a fan of some sort."
Police responded immediately to the call and arrested 26-year-old Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw. At the time of the arrest the obviously troubles young woman told police officers that she was Usher's wife and was just trying to get into the home to be with him.

According to Usher during the 911 call his personal security team had escorted Darshelle away from his property just one day earlier.

You can listen to the full Usher 911 call at TMZ.

Usher lives in Georgia and the incident happened at his personal residence. It is likely that Darshelle will serve at least some time behind bars and most certainly face a restraining order after lying to police about her marital status to Usher and because she showed up unannounced at Usher's home.