‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Might Reveal Character Death [Spoilers]

A behind the scenes featurette for the upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel, might have revealed a character’s death to viewers.

Of course, for those of you who want to avoid such information there are possibly spoilers ahead, so stop reading now. You have been warned.

The two minute and twenty-seven second long video featured plenty of pomp and hyperbole regarding the superhero icon, but there was also some fresh new footage for audiences to devour that appeared to show one of the characters in a tremendous amount of peril.

Laurence Fishbourne’s Perry White can be seen grabbing hold of someone’s hand in a large pile of rubble, and when he looks towards the individual he possesses a grief stricken expression that would indicate they will be lucky to survive such an ordeal.

Just from Fishbourne’s look you can tell that there is a connection between the two characters, and you can already see that the hand and arm appears to belong to a female wearing a purple shirt that looks very similar to that of Jenny Olsen’s in another scene, from another trailer.

So it certainly looks like Jenny Olsen is trapped in the collapsed building. Further weight has been added to this theory as rumors have started to circulate that she will be killed off in Man of Steel and then replaced by her relative, Jimmy Olsen, for future efforts.

The latest TV spot for Man of Steel was released today too and revolved around Michael Shannon’s General Zod. Zod himself is seen in the trailer saying, “No matter how violent, every action I take is for the greater good of my people.”

Man of Steel will be released on June 14, and stars Henry Cavill as Superman, with Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane and Russell Crowe featuring in supporting roles.

Do you think that Jenny Olsen will die in Man of Steel?