3 Winning Tickets Will Split The $50M Powerball Jackpot

A total of 3 winning tickets will reportedly split the $50M Powerball jackpot.

Three individuals purchased the lucky lotto tickets in three different states. Each person will get a third of the jackpot when all is said and done.

According to The Associated Press, the 3 winning tickets that scored a cool $50 million were sold in Florida, Louisiana, and Delaware. This marks the second time in about a week that a person from the Sunshine State has managed to select the winning numbers in the regional lottery drawing.

It’s currently believed that winning tickets were sold in New Orleans, Louisiana and Tampa, Florida. Reports are still unclear where the winning ticket was purchased in Delaware. Since the announcement arrived at the end of a holiday weekend, details may not become available until Tuesday.

Philly.com reports that the winning numbers in the drawing were 2, 6, 19, 21, and 27. The Powerball was 25. Now that the tickets have been confirmed, the whole thing will reboot to $40 million. The number may not be huge right now, but chances are it will start growing before too long.

This isn’t the first time a lucky person from the state of Florida has cashed in a winning lottery ticket. The Inquisitr reported last week that a winning ticket was sold at a Publix supermarket in Tampa. However, this individual was able to lay claim to the entire jackpot.

The previous winner snagged a whopping $590.5 million in winnings. The lump sum cash payout was $370.9 million, which is still nothing to complain about. Not surprisingly, the amount was a Powerball jackpot record.

Although having 3 winning tickets for a single jackpot may also seem like some sort of record, it’s actually happened before. A Louisiana Lottery spokesperson said a $295 million jackpot was previously split between four winning tickets.

What do you think about 3 winning tickets splitting the $50M Powerball jackpot? Do you plan to play some numbers ahead of this week’s drawing?

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