Star Trek’s Alice Eve Thinks NASA Is Hiding Proof Aliens Exist [Video]

Star Trek Into Darkness star Alice Eve thinks that NASA is up to something. Namely, hiding proof that aliens exist.

The svelte British actress has dealt with her fair share of extra-terrestrials in Star Trek Into Darkness and Men In Black 3, but the 31-year-old bombshell’s interest in aliens isn’t limited to her film career. She thinks that they really exist, and that NASA is hiding the proof.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, she talked about a Skype chat she took part in with Star Trek co-stars Chris Pine and John Cho (as well as J.J. Abrams, for good measure) with astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

She said that it was an interesting experience, and that she’s not entirely convinced that NASA is being straight with us about the existence of alien life.

“That was definitely the coolest thing we’ve done. I mean, we’ve shared the movie with countries around the world, but we got to Skype … with the guy in a space station. And he was turning around in the air when we were talking to him and when he would talk, he would suddenly let go of his mic and it would just stay there. It was a very weird experience,” she said.

Abrams talked about an astronaut he once spoke to who claimed to have seen “forms or shapes” that made him believe that aliens exist. The response from the Space Station astronaut left much to be desired.

“And the response that the guys at the NASA base gave us was so rehearsed and so clear that they had seen [aliens],” she said, joking that she hopes she doesn’t get abducted for her response.

Watch the video below!

[Image via: Joe Seer / Shutterstock]