Pretty, but practical? Infinite USB hub intrigues

USB hubs and ports- they offer so much functionality, but often seem to fail when you need them most.

Plus, your entire machine could be made of USB ports like some kind of techno-sea-anemone and you’d still be deciding whether you need to charge your iPhone or use your mouse more urgently. Designer Gonglue Jiang has come up with a compelling solution (concept only) that seems like it might simultaneously help and frustrate.

The Infinite USB port offers a pleasing to the eye solution, an Apple-esque series of wires that neatly click-clack into one another, enabling you to use several devices through one port. They’re handily color coded, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have to unplug something you’re using to unplug something you’re no longer using. The issue of power supply comes up frequently in the comments, as does how the extra input would be recognized by your computer. (I also imagine I’d clumsily smash the setup at least twice a day.)

I’ve never had a hub that’s worked well enough to power my mouse, iPhone and webcam, so this is definitely an intriguing solution. Would you be interested in giving the Infinite USB a go?

[via Engadget]