Mitt And Ann Romney's Horse Fails To Medal At 2012 London Olympics

Rafalca, the 15-year-old horse partly owned by Ann and Mitt Romney gave a solid performance on Tuesday but failed to qualify for the individual medal competition after a score of 69.302.

After watching her horse compete in the competition Ann Romney told CBS Sports:

"It was wonderful. She was elegant and consistent again. We just love her."
Ann Romney is a big fan of horses and uses her own mare as part of her multiple sclerosis therapy.

Mrs. Romney sat in the stands at the event with a blue jacket emblazoned with the letters "U.S.A" on the back.

While Rafalca competed in the true spirit of the games many critics have called Romney's part ownership in the multi-million horse more proof that her husband can't possibly understand the plight of the middle-class who continue to suffer through bad economic conditions in the United States.

Rafalca was competing in the dressage competition often referred to as "horse dancing" in which the animal performs to a carefully choreographed routine of movements that showcase its training. Dressage includes twirling pirouettes, prancing trots and a skipping movement known as the flying change.

At the start of Tuesday's competition Rafalca and Team USA were in fifth place.

The dressage competition is a favorite of Germany, the country has won every year since 1976 except 1980 when they boycotted the Olympics.

After Rafalca finishes competing in one to two years her owners may choose to breed her, a process that could be very lucrative given her storied history and exemplary competitive past.

On a side note, many political analysts are using Rafalca's performance to determine when Mitt Romney will announce his choice for Republican Vice Presidential running mate. Many believe once Ann Romney returns from the event Mitt Romney will make his choice.