End Credits Scenes: Never Miss Another With MediaStinger

End credits scenes have started to build a love-hate relationship with this IQ writer. Many times you’ll find me at the release of the latest blockbuster, sitting there like an idiot for 10 minutes waiting for the wall of names to scroll past to see if the filmmakers have tacked on something of extra value.

With the Evil Dead remake, I got lucky. Not only were the credits relatively short, but they were also rewarding. (“Groovy,” in fact.)

Star Trek Into Darkness? Not so much.

This phenomenon became popular through Marvel in the time leading up to the movie The Avengers. There were tons of easter eggs, end credits scenes, whatever you want to call them, to keep audiences on their toes — a trend that continues in Iron Man 3 — and now we’ve come to half-expect them for every summer movie.

One website calls these scenes “stingers,” and now they’ve resolved to make sure you never miss another one.

MediaStinger.com has built a comprehensive database of every after credits moment ever committed to film. Earlier this week, the company released a free mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with the same level of functionality as the main website.

The website and app also focus on video games, which have started to take a page from the movie world by including extra levels for the patient gamer, who is willing to sit through the credits.

“As our database grows daily, we’ve continued to evolve as well to meet the demands of users worldwide,” said Paul Curtin, founder of MediaStinger.com. “With this new free app, which coincides with the website’s design update, it’s even easier to access credits info on the go and in the theater, something we’ve envisioned since the beginning.”

According to a release from the company earlier this week, functions will include reveals for all end credits scenes to every movie and video game with the option to hide or show spoilers; instant search capabilities; the ability to rate the value of any extra scenes so other users can tell at a glance if it was worth the wait; the option to find out names of songs that play during movie and video game credits; social media sharing; and a user submission engine.

So, next time you’re wondering if a movie has any end credits scenes, don’t sit there like a dolt. Give it a quick check before, during, or after the movie wraps up, and move on with life. Have you used MediaStinger?