Donkeys Suspected In Mauling Death

Jennifer Deutschmann - Author

Aug. 23 2017, Updated 2:38 a.m. ET

Two donkeys suspected in a mauling death are still awaiting news of their fate. The donkeys are accused of causing the death of a Hungarian man.

Retired firefighter Sandor Horvat,was riding his motorcycle in Magyarszecsod, Hungary when he was approached by two donkeys. Hungarian police suspect that the donkeys proceeded to grab the man and drag him over 160 feet from his bike.

As reported by the ABC News the two donkeys are suspected of stomping and biting the 65-year-old man until he died. Authorities are still trying to gather details about the incident.

An autopsy was performed to determine the exact cause of death. However, the results have not been released to the public.

The two donkeys suspected of mauling Horvath were isolated and will be observed for any further aggressive behavior.

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In 2012 a donkey was accused of a mauling death in Texas. Mayor William “Bill” Bohlke, of Hollywood Park, Texas, was kicked and bitten by a donkey. The attack was especially brutal, and was blamed for Bohlke’s death.

As reported by, Bohlke’s truck was running, and the door was still open when they discovered his body close to 150 feet away.

Donkeys can be very tame and docile. However, male donkeys that have not been castrated, can become very aggressive, often without warning. As reported by, intact male donkeys should never be kept as pets, “at some moment in their life they will think with their hormones and not with their brain.”

Intact male donkeys, or jacks, can become aggressive toward other animals and humans. If kept intact, jacks should be held far away from female donkeys. They should always to be kept in an enclosure with tall and strong fencing. Only those with experience handling the volatile animals should attempt to interact with them.

It is unknown whether the two donkeys suspected in the mauling death were castrated. However, judging from their aggressive behavior, they were likely intact. Authorities determined that the donkey responsible for the Texas mayor’s death was not castrated.

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