Elin Nordegren Approves Of Lindsey Vonn, Takes Yacht Trip With Her

Elin Nordegren reportedly approves of Lindsey Vonn, so much that Tiger’s ex even joined the new couple for a nice outing.

Woods has been seeing the Olympian for a few months now, but there was little word on how Tiger’s famous ex was receiving the relationship. Though Woods and Nordegren split in 2009 after Tiger’s very public cheating scandal was revealed, the two have maintained a civil relationship.

The couple still met on occasion, usually to attend something for their children.

With a report that Nordegren joined the couple for a trip on Tiger’s yacht, it seems clear that Elin approves of Vonn.

This would seem to be a breakthrough for Woods and Vonn. Just a few weeks ago, Lindsey was seen waiting in a car so she wouldn’t have to be around Elin at a soccer game for her 5-year-old daughter.

Vonn apparently drove with Tiger to the game but then stayed in the car for the entire game.

Elin reportedly got a new boyfriend of her own right around the time that Woods and Vonn went official with their relationship.

Vonn wrote on Facebook: “I guess it wasn’t a well-kept secret but yes, I am dating Tiger Woods. Our relationship evolved from a friendship into something more over these past few months and it has made me very happy. I don’t plan on addressing this further as I would like to keep that part of my life between us, my family and close friends.”

Elin now seems to trust Vonn as a caretaker for her children. Lindsey was seen dropping the kids off at school in Palm Beach without either Tiger or Elin present.

Anyone who followed the divorce between Woods and Nordegren would know already that Elin approves of Vonn. There is a stipulation in the divorce settlement that Elin must give explicit permission to have the children around any new girlfriends or dates or even female members of Tiger’s staff.