Justin Bieber Reportedly Makes House Guests Sign Waiver And Non-Disclosure Agreement

Justin Bieber reportedly insists that guests to his California home sign a legal waiver before they enter.

TMZ claims to have obtained a copy of the document, titled a Liability Waiver and Release, and says anyone who enters the 19-year-old’s home is required to sign it.

However, the website also states that such waivers are in fact common practice among A-List celebrities who often require guests and/or visitors to sign legal documents before entering their homes.

The reason? The highly litigious nature of US culture.

An online copy of the legal document that TMZ obtained can be seen here.

The Liability Waiver and Release bans anyone from posting details about any activities that take place in and on the property and also forbids the posting of photos, (audio and video) recordings on social-networking sites or any other media.

The document also forbids guests from talking about the “physical health, or the philosophical, spiritual or other views or characteristics” of Bieber and any other guests.

Also included in the contract is a clause that anyone who speaks publicly about anything that happens inside the home could be sued for $5 million.

The form also states that tweeting or blogging about house parties or uploading photographs of events to Instagram is a violation of the waiver’s terms and will result in an automatic penalty of $5 million in damages.

Another tightly worded part of the waiver warns that there could be activities inside the house that are “potentially hazardous and you should not participate unless you are medically able and properly trained.”

The risks are listed as ranging from “minor injuries to catastrophic injuries, including death.”

Bieber bought the $6.5 million mansion, formerly the home of Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy, in 2012. The luxury interior includes a private cinema, a library, a wine cellar, a wet bar, a pool and extensive grounds.

Despite the fact that most celebrities make use of waivers, rather predictably, this story is being linked to previous reports of a party hosted by rapper Lil Twist at Bieber’s Calabasas home while the teen singer toured in Europe.