Two Donkeys Suspected In Mauling Death On Hungarian Farm

A pair of donkeys are suspected in the mauling death of a man in Hungary.

Sandor Horvath is believed to have been chased by the animals while visiting a friend on a farm in Magyarszecsod. The donkeys reportedly chased the man down before pulling him off his motorized mobility scooter.

According to The Associated Press, the donkeys dragged the retired firefighter over 55 yards during the mauling. He was bitten numerous times and trampled repeatedly as they pulled him across the farm.

The people who found Horvath originally thought he had been attacked by a pack of wolves. His body was reportedly covered with bites and bruises.

The International Business Times reports that the farmer’s daughter had previously expressed concern over how aggressive the animals had recently become.

“I had noticed that the donkeys were becoming increasingly aggressive and I’d asked my father to do something about it, but he’d said they were fine,” she explained.

A veterinarian from Magyarszecsod explained that these animals are typically not aggressive towards humans. However, the donkeys may have felt that the man was moving into their territory and perceived him as some sort of threat. The donkeys suspected in the mauling death will be put down.

“If these were dogs then they would also be put to sleep. We can’t allow animals to go around killing people. Putting them to sleep is the best thing for everyone,” a representative for the police department explained.

According to The Independent, authorities are still investigating the incident. However, no new information has come to light. Officials are currently awaiting the results of an autopsy before announcing the exact cause of death.

In August of last year, a mayor in Texas was attacked and killed by a donkey he kept on his ranch. ABC News reported that Hollywood Park Mayor William “Bill” Bohlke was kicked and trampled during the incident involving the 500-pound animal.

Although the donkeys are suspected in the mauling death of a Hungarian man, an official cause of death has not been released as of this writing.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]