January Jones’ Son Xander’s Daddy None Of Your Business, Star Says

January Jones’ son Xander is too young to protect himself from prying press eyes — but the Mad Men star is just fine with doing it for him.

When January Jones‘ son Xander was born, it was a decidedly one-party parenting effort — with the actress alone having and caring for the boy.

Jones was mum from the start on who her baby daddy happened to be — and now that Xander is here and people are still asking, the actress is adamant that it’s the kid’s story to tell.

January Jones’ son is now 20 months old, and the question of his paternity came up in a recent interview. It wasn’t with Us Weekly or In Touch, either — the New York Timesqueried the 35-year-old star about who fathered the tot.

Of her decision to keep Xander’s private info private, Jones said to the paper:

“That’s my son’s business … It’s not the public’s business.”

Jones also said the question of who shares half Xander’s DNA and her circumspect answer was down to advice given by a Hollywood vet — she adds:

“Jack Nicholson once told me: ‘You should never give your personal life away, otherwise people will pick you apart. They’ll never believe in your character,’ … Women should have lots of secrets. It’s our right to have secrets. Otherwise, what would we write in our memoirs?”

The paper speculated earlier in the profile that Xander’s dad could be Michael Fassbender, or Vince Vaughn.

One private detail Jones was willing to reveal, however, was an unusual (but becoming more common) practice after Xander’s birth — she admits to eating the placenta.

Of the experience, Jones said:

“It was like taking a vitamin blended into a smoothie … I’m a mammal. I nursed. I did all kinds of weird stuff.”

Do you think January Jones’ son Xander will learn who his dad is before the info is otherwise leaked?