Retraction And Apology to Roger Moore

On September 18, 2012, The Inquisitr featured an article about Roger Moore which was based on an interview that Mr. Moore had allegedly given to The Daily Mail.

Those statements were later found to be incorrect, and The Daily Mail printed the following retraction:

“An article on September 17 (I’ve had more lovers than 007′) included comments attributed to Sir Roger Moore by a Sunday newspaper about his private life. That newspaper has now accepted its report did not accurately reflect a conversation with Sir Roger Moore and he did not make the comments it reported. We apologize for any distress and embarrassment caused.”

The Inquisitr wishes to apologize for syndicating this story, which at the time, due to its publication in The Daily Mail, gave the impression of credibility. Should we pay for the mistake made by The Daily Mail? Since our original article was entirely a report about The Daily Mail‘s article, we believe not.

We sincerely apologize to Mr. Moore for any distress the multi-source aggregated material we published may have caused and wish him much success and happiness.