Alleged Burglar Hits ‘Pause’ On Police Chase To Grab A Beer

Port St. Lucie, FL – You know when you’re in the middle of a police chase and you think, “Man, I could really go for a beer?” Andrew Fatzinger knows that feeling all too well, and it might have cost him his escape.

Only in Florida.

Anyway, this all went down early Sunday morning after Fatzinger was nabbed in the middle of looting a Lighthouse Point home, trashing it with mustard and, I quote, “illegible scribblings.”

Okay, so we’re off to an appropriately bizarre start.

Police officers arrived to investigate after neighbors reported crashing and other loud noises from the empty home (the folks were on vacation) and saw Fatzinger pacing in and out of the house wearing a t-shirt over his head.

An officer ordered him to stop, but he took off running, jumping over a fence.

Cops lost him, but spotted him walking a few blocks away from the break-in. This is the part where “alleged” comes in, because we don’t really know whether Fatzinger was the same guy from the break-in.

But innocent people generally don’t run, and Fatzinger did, so police gave chase once more.

During the chase, he was spotted by helicopter hopping a fence and disappearing into a house briefly. He then re-emerged carrying two bottles of Heineken beer (or “war juice”). As he ran, he tossed the bottles, presumably after chugging them.

He then got into a confrontation with a K-9 unit. He punched the dog, but ultimately he lost the melee and suffered injuries specific to the encounter.

He trashed the house, smashing TVs and writing strange messages on the walls with mustard. Outside, he had a suitcase filled with laptops, electronics, and medications. The damage to the home was estimated to be over $5,000.

The owner of the two Heinekens also wants to press charges.

[Image via: ollyy / Shutterstock] Andrew Fatzinger not pictured above. He looks like this:

burglar beer