Tornado Survivor Finds Dog Live On TV During Interview

A tornado survivor in Oklahoma provided a bit of happy relief to temper the horror of yesterday’s devastating weather in the state, reunited with her beloved dog live on TV while she was being interviewed.

Barbara Garcia — victim of the tornado that leveled Moore, Oklahoma — was speaking to CBS in the horrific aftermath of the massive tornadoes that hit her area Monday.

Garcia’s dog, aptly named Toto, had been separated from the woman as the twister hit. Speaking later about her experience and still unable to find her dog, Garcia said:

“I was sitting on the stool holding my dog … This was the game plan all through the years, to go in that little bathroom (together). I rolled around a little bit and when it stopped I was right there (and) that stove cooker is what I saw.”

Garcia continued: “I never lost consciousness and I hollered for my little dog and he didn’t answer, he didn’t come, so I know he’s in here somewhere.”

Before the tornado survivor was reunited with her dog, it was one of those things pet owners can hardly bear to watch on television — something about the helplessness of a loyal pet being at issue, and the idea of being unable to protect one’s own animal really gets to everyone in disasters.

But miraculously, as the interview progressed, the tornado survivor reunited with her dog was about to get an amazing surprise.

In the rubble of what was her home, someone spotted a small, furry head. And Toto soon emerged, shaken but unharmed after he was ripped from Barbara’s arms in the twister.

Garcia said: “Well I got God to answer one prayer to let me be OK, but he answered both of them because this was my second prayer.”

Watch in the clips as tornado survivor Barbara Garcia is reunited with her dog, Toto.