Tiger Woods And Sergio Garcia Continue War Of Words

Tiger Woods got the victory at The Players Championship a little more than a week ago and apparently doesn’t need any closure from his on-the-course spat with playing partner Sergio Garcia.

When asked if he sought out Sergio to address the allegations that Woods cheated by distracting Garcia during his backswing, Tiger Woods seemed to be over the situation.

“No,” Tiger answered tersely.

Woods and Garcia had an argument during the May 11-12 tournament. Garcia believed that Woods distracted him needlessly during the third round, pulling a club from his bag as Garcia was getting ready to shoot. The crowd let out a cheer when Tiger selected his club.

Tiger would go on to say that he believed the course marshalls gave him permission to get his club, a claim that was later denied by the marshalls themselves.

“He isn’t the nicest guy on tour,” Garcia after the incident.

Garcia acknowledged that the two men don’t care for each other too much off the course.

“He doesn’t make a difference to my life and I know I don’t make a difference to his life,” Garcia said Monday. “This is not just one thing. This has been going on for a long time.”

But Garcia had more criticism for Tiger while speaking at an event held by his sponsors.

“He called me a whiner,” Garcia said. “That’s probably right. It’s also probably the first thing he’s told you guys that’s true in 15 years. I know what he is like. You guys are finding out.”

“He can and will beat me a lot of times but he is not going to step on me,” Garcia said. “I’m not afraid of him.”

Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia have a chance to continue their growing rivalry at the next major, the US Open held June 13-16.