Keanu Reeves Showcases Shocking Weight Gain At Cannes

Keanu Reeves has shown his age at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, showcasing a more rotunded and fuller figure than action stars are supposed to have.

The star of Speed and The Matrix looked a lot fatter walking around the south of France, whilst his longer hair and stubble also added to his faded image.

In late 2012 Reeves was seen at a film premiere looking svelte and in top form, so he must have celebrated Christmas and New Year well into the spring to look as dishevelled as he did.

Reeves is in Cannes to promote 47 Ronin, an upcoming fantasy, adventure and action movie, which sees the actor star as an 18th century samurai who sets out to avenger the death of his former leader.

Keanu is also promoting Man of Tai Chir, a film that sees him make his directorial debut. It follows the character of Tiger Chen, a stuntman/actor, who becomes entangled in Beijing’s underground fighting circuit by Reeve’s underhanded businessman.

Reeves discussed his decision to direct with Total Film, stating, “About four or five years ago I started to think about directing. My dictum was I would only direct if I had a story to tell and, having developed the script over this length of time, it became a story I wanted to tell and one I didn’t want anybody else to tell.”

Reeves then added about production, “My hope was to use the fighting sequences to tell the story. I really thought of them as acting scenes, so you can really experience what this character goes through. Tiger has over 11 action sequences in the film and he was pretty heroic. All these [stunt actors] would come in strong and by the end of the day they were like, ‘Oh my god, Man Of Tai Chi has broken me!’ And Tiger would be like, ‘Come on!’”

What do you think of Keanu Reeves‘ new look?