‘Assassin’ Game Being Banned In High Schools Across The Country

The ‘Assassin’ game is being banned in schools across the country following a recent spate of devastating and highly-publicized shootings.

The game, also called “Killer,” is played in schools across the country, usually in the spring and after exams end. The rules vary, but the game usually involves students being assigned a target, stalking them, and shooting or “assassinating” them with water or Nerf guns.

It’s a process of elimination-style game, with only one player left standing at the end.

Though students have long enjoyed the game as a fun way to blow off steam, some school administrators are banning the activity for feat that it could turn deadly.

New York City’s Hunter College High School is threatening this year’s seniors with a ban from prom or graduation if they’re caught playing the game in or near the school building.

“Parents and students should know that we consider this a dangerous game and prohibit playing it on campus,” Principal Tony Fisher told parents last week.

“You should be aware that any students found playing the game within the school or in the immediate vicinity of the building will receive disciplinary consequences.”

Fisher also hinted that he would notify prospective colleges of a student’s violation of the game ban if it is not the student’s first serious offense. He also said that he has excluded seniors from prom in the past as consequence for violating the rules.

Though the game is mostly played around the country in good fun, one Massachusetts Deputy Chief said that the game poses real dangers. Though the story he recounted told of a player who was waiting outside of a target’s house in camouflage, and when police responded, they mistook him for a real threat.

An NYPD official said that the game’s season usually overlaps with local gang initiations, confusing law enforcement officials yet again.

Still, one New Hampshire student doesn’t see why law enforcement officials would be so befuddled by the game. “I’m using a super soaker. It’s bright orange, blue and green,” he said.

“I just have fun doing it. It’s a friendly rivalry and I’m a competitive person.”

The “Assassin” game has caused controversy in the past. The University of Nebraska banned the game in 2008 after a masked student brought a dart gun to class, resulting in armed campus officers confronting him immediately.

University officials had the game banned because it “led to unnecessary concern.”

What do you think of the “Assassin” game? Harmless, or not appropriate for students?

[Image via: exilefe / Shutterstock]