Manny Ramirez Moonwalks Out Of Batter’s Box In Chinese League Game

Manny Ramirez has a mean moonwalk.

The ex-MLB slugger, now a star in the Chinese Professional Baseball Leagues, was at bat in a recent game when he fouled off a tight inside fastball. In the process of swinging, Manny Ramirez lost his balance and moonwalked out of the batter’s box.

While he may not be mistaken for Michael Jackson anytime soon, Manny did have quite a spring in his step with the moonwalk. In fact, the aging baseball star has looked anything but washed up in his Asian stint. Manny has seven home runs so far this season and has shown a deft hitting touch reminiscent of his days with the Boston Red Sox.

This is not the first “Manny being Manny” story to come from his time in the Chinese Professional Baseball League. Manny was also caught donning a Hulk custom as a possible nod to his spotty history with performance-enhancing drugs.

Manny’s team, the EDA Rhinos, reportedly asked players to wear Halloween costumes for a recent trip. Manny picked the Hulk, which may have been an innocent superhero adoration or a more subtle joke. In 2003 Manny was one of more than 100 major league baseball players who reportedly tested positive for using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

In real time, it looks more like Manny just took a series of steps backward to avoid falling onto his backside. But the Taiwanese media liked to think that Manny Ramirez moonwalked instead.

A news report replayed the “moonwalk” over and over again, splicing the highlight in with clips of the real Michael Jackson doing the real moonwalk while “Billie Jean” played in the background.

Maybe Manny Ramirez should moonwalk more often. The slugger hit his sixth home run of the season on his next at bat.