Firefighter Killed In Massive Dallas Condo Fire

A firefighter was killed in a massive Dallas, Texas, condo fire. The five-alarm fire raced through the three-story complex early this morning. At least 20 of 24 condos were damaged in the fire that killed Stanley Wilson.

Emergency crews received the call around 3 am Monday morning. The first responders found the building engulfed in flames, and the area surrounded by smoke. Close to 150 firefighters battled the blaze that lasted for close to five hours.

As reported by CBS DFW, the firefighters concentrated on defending adjacent buildings and homes from the flames. The source of the fire was determined to be on the third floor, but the cause has not been identified.

The firefighter was killed in the enormous blaze, when he was trapped inside the building. Stanley Wilson radioed his colleagues to let them know he was trapped, but he was not located until it was too late.

Wilson’s body was found around 9 am. He was carried from the scene, covered in the American flag.

Wilson was a 28-year veteran of the the Dallas Fire-Rescue team. He leaves behind his wife, two sons, and his mother.

Two other firefighters received non life-threatening injuries. They were treated at a local hospital.

Firefighters rescued five residents who were trapped inside the burning building. They were either treated at the scene or taken to the hospital with minor injuries. No residents were severely injured or killed in the massive fire.

As reported by CBS, Wilson is the second firefighter with the Dallas Fire-Rescue team to die while fighting a fire. Lieutenant Todd Krodle was killed when he fell through the roof of an apartment building in 2011.

The heroic efforts of the Dallas Fire-Rescue team saved the lives of dozens of residents Monday morning. Every one of the nearly 150 firefighters risked their lives to protect others. They have also suffered tremendous loss, as the fire took the life of their colleague and brother.

The American Red Cross is providing assistance to residents who lost their homes. They were taken to a nearby recreation center for temporary shelter. As of this morning, at least 31 residents had applied for assistance.

A firefighter was killed in the destructive fire. However, he will always be remembered as a hero.

[Image via Wikimedia]