PlayStation 4: Sony Teases Blurry System Pics The Day Before Xbox 720 Event [Video]

Sony is teasing blurry images of the PlayStation 4 the day before the Xbox 720 event.

It was bound to happen. The day before Microsoft reveals the Xbox 720, Sony is out to remind us that their console is still on its way. The images may be blurry, but the photographer claims it’s because he was taking the pictures with a PlayStation Vita. That isn’t a very comforting thing to admit during the reveal of the next generation console: that it’s possible to take bad pictures with the same company’s product.

The reveal of the PlayStation 4 shows us that, much like its predecessors with numbers, it’s black and boxy in design. Of course, system war veterans will undoubtedly remind us all that it’s not what the system looks like or what its technical capabilities are that sells a console; it’s the games you can play on it.

Anyway, now Microsoft will be under even more pressure to reveal their console design shortly after the Xbox 720 event, if not during. The fans will be skeptical if they don’t at least show a preliminary design tomorrow.

The images of the PlayStation 4 may be blurry, but close-ups show buttons, the logo, vents, and the like indicating pieces of what we’ll see in its full glory at E3 2013. Speculation states that the PlayStation 4 will be much smaller than the PlayStation 3, and easy to fit in any entertainment center. Considering the hulk of a machine that the first Xbox was, this could be a major reversal in the trend of consoles to date. We can’t be sure of the actual size without at least the controller to compare it to, but the ensuing rumor is that Sony’s next generation machine may be similar in size to the Dreamcast and GameCube.

The video doesn’t tell us much, other than that the console is finished and ready to reveal at June’s E3 2013.

What do you think of Sony’s teaser of what the PlayStation 4 actually looks like?