Ferris Wheel World Record Broken In Chicago

The Ferris wheel record was broken over the weekend by a manager of Chicago’s Navy Pier, according to a report from ABC News.

Clinton Shepherd rode for more than two days, setting a new record at 48 hours, eight minutes, and 25 seconds.

If you’re wondering how he was able to use the bathroom, brush his teeth, etc., we’re betting that he probably used the one five-minute break that Guinness World Records allowed each hour to take care of the necessities. It was not known on Monday whether he took advantage of each one of those breaks, but they were available to him.

As for how he spent his time during the two-day-period, Shepherd watched James Bond and Batman movies and played hours of video games, while tweeting the experience to his followers. (He was not allowed to sleep during the experience.)

While there have been quite a few crazy world records set in the last few months — the man who played Qbert for 85 straight hours and the 58-hour kiss set by a Thai couple to name just two — what makes this one special is that it brought the Ferris wheel world record home to the place where the ride was invented.

That’s right. The first Ferris wheel was built more than 120 years ago in Chicago to mark the World’s Columbian Exposition. Prior to Clinton Shepherd’s big weekend accomplishment, the record was a paltry 30 hours and 35 seconds, set by Robbie “The Intern” Gibson of 104.9 Virgin Radio.

That accomplishment, which Shepherd shattered by 18 hours, took place at the Capital Ex in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on July 25, 2012, according to the Guinness World Records website.

Shepherd didn’t have much to say after stepping off the wheel, simply calling it “an overwhelming experience.” Here’s the new record holder prior to the event:

What do you think of Clinton Shepherd and his new Ferris wheel world record? Care to challenge him?

[Image via ShutterStock]