‘Ugly Baby’ Jab On ‘Footy Show’ Angers Parents [Video]

If you saw a picture of your baby on national TV and the commentators called him or her “ugly,” what would you do? The Australian sports program The Footy Show is finding out after doing just that on an episode last week.

Panelists posted a photo of 18-month-old Bella and said that someone sent the photo in thinking that the baby looked like one of the commentators on the show. Everyone on the panel roared with laughter, the implication being (I guess) that the commentator is ugly and so is the baby.

Anyway, parents Michael and Melanie Richmond from Sydney were stunned when they found out that their baby was on national TV and called ugly and said that they are consulting with lawyers to see if there’s anything they can do about the bad joke.

The Footy Showreleased a statement after finding out who the baby’s family was which read, in part:

“We chose not to make a statement to News Ltd yesterday but we did not refuse to apologise to the family and we did speak to the family on Friday and will do so again today to reassure them we never intended to cause hurt to them or their child and of course apologise if it did.”

But the “ugly baby” parents are “still in shock and dumbfounded” and are pursuing legal options against the show’s producers. The only problem, it seems, is that the photo came from Facebook, making it fair game for use by the media.

“I understand how Facebook works and that when you share photos they become public and there’s nothing you can do,” said Michael Richmond.

But they might have a chance since the producers of The Footy Show didn’t actually get the photo from Facebook — it was sent in by an alleged friend of the couple. If you ask me, they should cut out the middle-man and find out who the submitter is so they can block him or her from attending future block parties.

Whatever they do, the couple wants someone to answer for calling their baby “ugly” on national TV.

“We were going to let it go but we can’t. Someone has put our baby on TV. We want to get some feedback on what our legal options are now,” Michael said.

You can watch the “ugly baby” Footy Show clip below, and let us know what you think:

[Image via: Vasiliy Koval / Shutterstock]