Powerball Winning Ticket Sold In Zephyrhills Publix

What we know so far about Saturday’s Powerball winning ticket was that it was sold in a Zephyrhills, Florida Publix … but whoever won the lucky jackpot has yet to emerge.

The Powerball winning ticket is worth a pretty stunning $590.5 million, and the suburb of 13,000 people just north of Tampa is buzzing about who may have been the so far very quiet winner.

After federal taxes, the Powerball winning ticket is worth a still very impressive $370,896,780.54 — and in Florida, no state taxes on lottery winnings will leave the lucky player with a perhaps larger than most fortune intact should they choose to receive the lump sum payment rather than the less popular annuity option.

A spokeswoman for Publix, Maria Brous, indicated that while the chain is happy for the winner, they only offer lottery tickets as a concession for shoppers:

“We’re excited for the winner or winners … We don’t promote or endorse the lottery. We offer it as a convenience.”

Florida Lottery executive Cindy O’Connell indicated Sunday that the Powerball winning ticket’s owner hadn’t yet come forward, adding:

“This would be the sixth Florida Powerball winner and right now, it’s the sole winner of the largest ever Powerball jackpot … We’re delighted right now that we have the sole winner … There is just the chance that you will have the opportunity and Florida is a huge Powerball state. We have had more winners than any other state that participates in Powerball.”

Florida lottery spokesman David Bishop said looky loos will have a wait ahead of them most likely, because generally massive jackpot winners tend to play it close to the vest in the wake of a big win.

Bishop explains:

“It never happens this quickly … If they know they won, they’re going to contact their attorney or an accountant first so they can get their affairs in order.”

The Powerball winning ticket holder in Zephyrhills has 60 days to come forward, and by law, their information will be made public at that time.

If you had the Powerball winning ticket, would you be in hiding right now, or would you welcome the publicity?