Christine White Dies: ‘Twilight Zone’ Actress Was 86

Christine Lamson White, an actress who appeared on one of the most famous Twilight Zone episodes, has died at the age of 86.

According to her obituary, White died on April 14 in a nursing home in Washington D.C. A cause of death was not stated.

White appeared on the Twilight Zone episode “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet,” playing the wife of William Shatner’s character. Shatner played a man who had just recovered from a nervous breakdown and was fresh out of a sanitarium.

He expressed fear over flying, but White’s character attempted to assuage him. As they took flight, Shatner’s character seemed to begin suffering yet another nervous breakdown, which included witnessing a gremlin on the wing of the craft.

“Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” is one of the most widely known Twilight Zone episodes to have ever aired, and the plot was recreated for the fourth segment of the 1983 film Twilight Zone: The Movie.

In the film, John Lithgow plays Shatner’s role, but is merely a nervous flyer and does not appear to have a wife with him on the flight.

White also made an appearance in another Twilight Zone episode, “The Prime Mover.”

She made several other appearances in the James Dean TV film, Bonanza, The Frank Sinatra Show and Vice Squad.

She majored in English in college and acted in school plays. She became more interested in acting, and eventually got a Master’s degree in speech and drama.

She is survived by her nieces and nephews.

Here is a clip of Christine White on the Twilight Zonewith William Shatner.