CA Lottery Reports Two Powerball Tickets With Five Of Six Numbers

The California Lottery reported two tickets sold with five of the six required numbers to win Saturday night’s mega jackpot. While the two tickets aren’t worth the massive grand prize of $600 million, owners can still rake in a pretty penny.

The winning California lottery tickets were sold at 7-Elevens in Taft and San Jose. Lottery officials explained that they will net $2.3 million each.

Saturday night’s winning Powerball numbers were 10, 13, 14, 22, 52, and 11. The winning ticket was sold in Florida, though there is no official word yet on who won or where in the state the ticket was purchased.

CNN has reported that the ticket was sold at a Publix supermarket in Zephyrhills. The grand prize for Saturday’s close-to-record breaking jackpot was accumulated over the span of two months. It surpassed the previous record for the Powerball lottery, which was set in November 2012.

However, it fell short of the $600 million sum that lottery officials advertised. Depending on the final sales numbers, organizers explained that the final jackpot could end up either slightly higher or lower than expected. The largest jackpot in history still stands at $656 million.

The March 2012 Mega Millions grand prize was split between winners in Kansas, Illinois, and Maryland. However, it appears that the Powerball’s grand prize winner will only have to part with a small chunk of the jackpot, courtesy of the two winning California lottery tickets.

Despite the extremely low odds of winning, millions of Americans have played the Powerball, along with Mega Millions and other lotteries. The chance of winning the massive jackpot, which resets at $40 million after the grand prize is won, are astronomically low. But the odds didn’t deter anyone this time either.

The California Lottery reported selling $1 million in tickets every hour on Saturday, according to spokeswoman Donna Cordova. The state has only been selling Powerball tickets since April 8, 2013. Texas Lottery officials also reported massive sales of $1.2 million each hour for a few hours. Sales for Saturday topped $18.4 million.

Did you purchase a lottery ticket for Saturday’s Powerball drawing?

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