Dwayne Wade Surprises Fan, Shows Up At Her Prom

A few weeks ago, Nicole Muxo took to YouTube in the hopes that she could convince NBA all-star Dwayne Wade to show up at her prom.

Muxo hadn’t heard anything from Wade, so she went ahead and accepted another invitation.

Last night, the Miami Heat star accepted Muxo’s offer, showing up at her prom night celebration.

Muxo and her fellow classmates at Archbishop Carroll High School were treated to a media circus when Wade showed up at the last minute.

Apparently, Dwayne Wade was impressed with Muxo’s decision to simply ask him for a date. On his Twitter page, Wade wrote, “Never be 2 scared to ask.”

Muxo’s “real date” Laurent Chaumin seems fine with the appearance of Dwayne, calling him “Rico Suave” and joking, “At least we both know how to dress.” Perhaps Chaumin was speaking about Wade’s decision to wear bright red shoes to the special occasion.

Possibly to everyone’s surprise, Dwayne Wade was allowed to enter the celebration. Many schools these days have specific rules about non-students joining their prom events. In this case, camera crews were allowed to enter and students were treated to a special surprise.

Here’s a new video report that shows Dwayne Wade as he entered the prom celebration and surprises Muxo and her classmates:

The following tweet was sent out after the big event ended:

And here is the full tweet Dwayne Wade sent out to his prom date:

Do you think stars will continue to show up at events when invited on YouTube and through other social networks, or is the online invite practice starting to feel a little bit dated?