Sandberg Steroid Opinion Says Baseball Hall Of Fame No Place For Drug Users

Ryne Sandberg’s steroid opinion is that the Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame is no place for drug users.

Ryne Sandberg played 16 seasons in the MLB and hit 282 homers while batting .285. Sandberg was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005 and is now manager of the Cubs’ Double-A Tennessee Smokies.

Ryne Sandberg’s steroid opinion was given in an interview with’s Barry Bloom:

“I’m not a sportswriter. I don’t get to vote. I don’t get the ballot in the mail, so it’s out of my hands either way. I can say that in the history of the Hall of Fame, there are no suspicions about guys who are in the Hall of Fame. It’s an elite group. And once you’re in the Hall, you’re in the Hall. Up until now, I think the voting system has handled things very well. And like I said before, there are no suspicions in the Hall of Fame.”

Ryne Sandberg also shared his opinion that Andre Dawson belongs in the MLB’s Hall of Fame but he was overshadowed by the big hitters of the era, saying, “I thought he was a Hall of Famer and had had a Hall of Fame career. That’s why I voiced my opinion on that, and I was very happy to see him go in.”

Sammy Sosa also would fall victim to Ryne Sandberg’s steroid opinion even though the two were Chicago Cubs teammates during the 1990’s. Reports allege Sammy Sosa was one of the 104 players who tested positive for steroids during Major League Baseball’s test in 2003, but these results were sealed under a deal with the player’s union.

Talking on this subject, Ryne Sandberg says Sammy Sosa does not belong in the Hall of Fame:

“I think it’s very unfortunate. I think suspicions were there as they are with some other players. Those players are now put in a category of being tainted players with tainted stats. I think it’s obviously something that was going on in the game. Players participated in it and, as the names have come out, I think that they will be punished for that.

“It’s something that’s against the law and against society. It was cheating in the sport. I think it has to be spoken very loud and clear on the stance, and baseball needs to stand as they have. … For the society, for the up-and-coming players and youth out there, I don’t think those guys should be recognized at all.”

What do you think about Ryne Sandberg’s steroid opinion?