‘Smallest Penis Contest’ To Be Held In Brooklyn Bar

Brooklyn, NY – King’s County Bar will be hosting its very first “Smallest Penis Contest” this summer.

On July 20, owners are hoping that New York’s smallest sausage kings will turn out in force to compete for the dubious honor. They posted an ad to Craiglist, where they say they are seeking “less endowed men.”

Through the “Smallest Penis Contest,” King’s County Bar is hoping to prove that “good things can come in small packages.” They write that the contest will be “pageant style” and will involve “talent, evening wear, and swimsuit elements.”

They say that the winner will be selected by a “small member expert panel.” We’ll let you fill in the blanks there.

The brave souls entering the competition have to be 21 or older, and have to be present for the day of the shaming contest. The ad states that contestants “should be comfortable getting hosed down while wearing only skimpy underwear.”

Well, drinks would help.

So what do you get for having the smallest penis in Brooklyn? A crown. The title. And a cash prize (though we don’t know how much).

Doesn’t sound like much, does it? Perfect! It should reflect what is in the winner’s pants. Some people can never get ahead.

And to make sure there isn’t any funny stuff, the bar will be providing you with your underwear.

What do you think of the King’s County Bar’s “Smallest Penis Contest?” Do you think it will be a success? Would you have the stones to compete in such a competition? Sound off! And if you want more details, you can email the bar owners at SPB.Brooklyn@gmail.com.

[Image via: juliasv / Shutterstock]