Starbucks Diaper Police Call Prompts Debate

A Starbucks diaper police situation prompted some online debate about parenting, manners, and what level of inconsiderate behavior warrants a law enforcement response.

The Starbucks diaper police incident happened in Denver, when one mother made a parenting decision that while frowned upon is not unheard of — changing a diaper in public.

But as the Starbucks diaper police incident prompts nationwide debate, obviously it didn’t end there. When Ruth Burgos’ son required diaper assistance in the Denver outlet was prompted by the store’s lack of changing tables in the restroom — and Burgos decided that instead of changing the tot in the car or in another location, she’d just get it over with … in the dining area.

Burgos’ husband Alex says that the Starbucks diaper police incident escalated when an employee threw a rag at Ruth and in a “demeaning” fashion, demanded she clean the area after she changed the child’s diaper.

Ruth later said:

“As a mother, you have to do what you have to do. Wherever you have to do it … I just kind of wiped him off, cleaned him off as quickly as I could.”

Then Alex says the employees mocked his wife, adding:

“[The Starbucks employee who threw the rag] said make sure to wipe the seat when you’re done … They started talking amongst themselves and laughing about it.”

Before the Starbucks diaper police incident got worse, Ruth and Alex Burgos could have just walked out — but the husband, angry that others took exception to his wife’s decision, dumped his coffee all over the floor and told the employees to clean it.

Police responded at around 10 PM, but no one was arrested — and Starbucks has since apologized to the family for their treatment.

However, most people online feel that the Starbucks diaper police situation was the fault of the parents and not the employees — feeling that changing a baby where people eat food is an inexcusable action. Do you think that lack of proper changing facilities excuses the parents for their behavior?