3-D-Printed Guns Not Worth The Trouble [Video]

Are 3-D-printed guns more trouble than they’re worth?

While there has been much debate over the legality and potential threat of 3-D-printed guns, the schematics for which have flooded the Internet in recent months, the best argument against downloading, printing, and constructing one for your own private arsenal might also be the simplest.

Maybe 3-D guns just aren’t worth the trouble.

Caleb Kraft of hackaday.com decided to make a 3-D-printed Liberator gun from files taken off the Internet, but discovered that each component ended up giving him errors, requiring his intervention to make it all work right.

He posted a video explaining the process and showing a time-lapse, but concludes that the homemade zip guns are “cheaper, easier, safer and more reliable” than the 3-D-printed versions.

Still, plenty of others have at least downloaded the files for 3-D guns. The Liberator blueprint has been downloaded 100,000 times, mostly in the United States, but also in Europe and South America.

It was also uploaded to The Pirate Bay, and was recently the most popular 3-D printing file on the site.

But if Kraft is to be believed, the Defense Distributed Liberator model is hardly worth the time and effort. Don’t just trust us! You can watch the video below and let us know what you think.

What’s your opinion on 3-D-printed guns? Do you think they’re dangerous? Is it a scary trend? Or, like Kraft, do you simply not care and feel that it doesn’t really change anything? Sound off!