Aly Raisman On Drug Test: They Chose The Craziest Week Ever!

Aly Raisman got an unexpected visit from the World Anti-Doping Agency this week. The Olympic gymnast, who was at Access Hollywood Live to talk about the Dancing With The Stars finale, was greeted by officials for a random drug test.

Raisman knows that random drug tests come with the territory of being an Olympian but the gymnast was a little annoyed with the agency for picking such a busy week.

Raisman said: “It’s the World Anti-Doping Agency. They haven’t [tested me] since the Olympics, and they choose the finale week of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to come! Out of all the days since the Olympics, they choose like, the craziest week.”

But the gymnast wasn’t too bothered by the test. She told Billy Bush that she had just had a bunch of water so the test was pretty quick. And besides, the gymnast is clean and doesn’t really have to worry about testing positive for any illegal drugs.

Raisman said: “I’m clean, so I don’t have anything to worry about.”

One Raisman’s random drug test was over she was able to get back to focusing on her dancing. Raisman said that she’s improved a lot over the season and is much more graceful now that she’s worked with Mark Ballas.

Raisman said: “I feel a lot more confident. My toe point is better, I feel more graceful … And I feel like I’ve transformed for a girl into a woman.”

Here’s a video of Aly Raisman dancing the tango on Dancing With The Stars.

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