McDonald’s Employee’s Stolen Car Pulls Up At Her Drive-Thru

A McDonald’s employee couldn’t believe her luck when her own stolen car pulled up to her drive-thru window just hours after it had been taken from her home.

Virginia Maiden’s car was stolen on Tuesday morning. She woke up to see that her 1995 Toyota 4-Runner had been taken in Kennewick, Washington.

Maiden then reported the thef, and admitted to police that she’d left the door unlocked. Despite having no automobile to make it to work, she still managed to make it to her job at McDonald’s and began to man the drive-thru window.

As she worked diligently through her grief, Maiden was shocked to see that her recently stolen car was at the restaurant and ordering food through the drive-thru window she was attending.

Maiden then leapt up and called the police, who arrived in time to arrest the driver, a 22 year-old woman by the name of Katherine A. All of this occurred in the McDonald’s parking lot where Maiden worked.

A male passenger was then taken in alongside York but was later found to have no connection to the robbery.

“A large amount” of clothes, still with security tags attached, were also found in the car, and authorities soon discovered that they had been taken from Sears and JC Penny earlier in the day too.

The assistant manager to Maiden at her McDonald’s told ABC News remarked, “She was so confused, didn’t know what was going on, it was just gone. You would think whoever stole the car would say, ‘I’m not going to go to McDonald’s because the owner works there.”

The unnamed manager also revealed further details of their masterplan, stating that they pretended the ice cream machine was broken whilst they waited for the police, proclaiming, “Obviously, the machine wasn’t broken. It was a decoy to stall them till the cops came.”

She then concluded, “What is she [Maiden] was off? What if she was on a break and not at the window? What if she looked away … It was meant to be. It was the right time and the right moment.”