Domino’s DVD Creates Pizza Smell When Played

Do you ever feel like lounging around, ordering a pizza, and watching a movie? You will if you ever rent one of Domino’s DVDs. The company’s Brazil branch has come up with a pretty ingenious marketing idea: DVDs that smell like pizza.

According to Creativity Online, the DVDs are stamped with a thermal ink and a flavored varnish. When they are played in a DVD player they heat up and make the room smell like pizza.

Yep, just like Glade Plug Ins except it makes your house smell like Pizza and plays movies like Argo and The Dark Knight.

The coolest part about the whole thing is that the DVD actually “cooks.” The movie is covered with a dark thermal ink when it is removed from its pizza box (DVD case). After you slip it into the oven (DVD player) the movie cooks (plays) and makes your house smell like pizza. When you remove the pizza (DVD) from the oven (DVD player) it looks like a freshly baked Domino’s pizza.

The Delicious Video Discs comes with a message that reads: “Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino’s Pizza.”

Domino’s partnered with 1o video rental stores in San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and is currently offering 10 different movies. It’s unclear if you can pick and choose between pepperoni or sausage smelling DVDs.

Do you hope that the trend catches on? Would you like to watch a DVD of The Dark Knight Rises while making your house smell like pizza?

Here’s the ad from Domino’s.