Ken Griffey Jr.’s Daughter Turns Down Top Basketball Programs To Join Brother At Arizona

Ken Griffey Jr.’s daughter, Taryn Griffey, has stunned the college basketball community after deciding to sign with the University of Arizona. Taryn is a top-50 prospect and she passed on many of the nation’s top programs to take her talents to Tucson, Arizona.

The University of Arizona is known for a premier football team and men’s basketball squad, but their women’s team hasn’t finished with a winning record since the 2010-11 season. As one of the best prospects in the nation, Taryn’s decision to join the struggling Wildcats’ squad has shocked some of her primary recruiters, who’s teams are regularly in the hunt for a national championship.

Her reasons for deciding against a top program add up, though she really doesn’t need to prove her decision in the slightest bit. Taryn will join her brother, Trey Griffey, at Arizona who is currently a wide receiver on the football team.

Ken Griffey Jr.’s daughter is doing more than just putting her family first, as she will look to make her own mark as a Wildcat and help the team grow back into a contender.

“My family was pretty shocked. I hadn’t said anything because I didn’t really know what I was thinking,” she told Central Florida News 13 about her decision to head for the desert. “My brother is here and my dad and him were high fiving.”

The family’s excitement for Taryn’s decision didn’t come before the young prospect battled through adversity. After winning her second straight state title her sophomore year at Orlando (Fl.) Dr. Phillips High, she was forced to sit out her junior season following an ACL injury that October.

The injury didn’t affect her recruiting as everyone still wanted a piece of the former MLB superstar’s daughter, and who could blame them. Before the ACL setback, Griffey was named the Florida High School Athletic Association’s Class 8A player of the year.

Do you believe Ken Griffey Jr.’s daughter made the right decision in choosing the Arizona Wildcats to play college basketball?