Phil Jackson Was Part Of Seattle Ownership Group’s Plans

Phil Jackson was in the Seattle ownership group’s plans had they been approved in buying the Sacramento Kings.

The group was rejected in their bid to buy the team from the Maloof family by the NBA this week, but had Seattle been given an NBA team it seems Phil Jackson could have played a key role.

“I had communication with the guy that’s trying to make this move,” Jackson said on the Tonight Show about the ownership group led by investor Chris Hansen. “It was serious talk. I thought he was a really good guy for the league.”

Phil Jackson has been eyeing a comeback to the NBA, though it’s becoming clear he doesn’t have intentions to coach again. He was close to returning the the NBA sidelines last year, when the Los Angeles Lakers fired head coach Mike Brown and entered serious talks with Jackson about bringing him back.

The Lakers instead decided to select former Knicks and Suns coach Mike D’Antoni in a move that surprised many people, including Jackson.

Since then Phil Jackson’s name has been mentioned in connection with nearly every NBA job opening, including a recent post with the Cleveland Cavaliers and another with the Brooklyn Nets.

But the Zen Master doesn’t seem too interested in day-to-day coaching duties, and instead is looking to serve in some kind of front office role. Jackson noted that he interviewed for the team president job with the Toronto Raptors but turned it down. It was in this capacity that Phil Jackson would have joined Seattle.

Jackson, whose Laker teams had a rivalry with Sacramento in the early- to mid-2000s, said he doesn’t plan on seeking a position with the new Sacramento Kings leadership.

“I won’t be doing the (front-office) job in Sacramento. I like Sacramento,” said Jackson. “Well, not that much.”

Maybe Phil Jackson can wait for Seattle to grab another franchise.