Facebook Page Claiming New York Nanny's Innocence Sparks Backlash

A Facebook page claiming that New York nanny Yoselyn Ortega is innocent of killing two children has sparked outrage on the social media website.

The page, named "Support Innocence of Nanny Yoselyn Ortega," says, "The death of the Lucia & Leo Krim is tragic, please post any information that you believe will help to prove her innocence and bring the real killer or killers to be arrested."

Although the page's administrators are private, one post says it is made up of "family, friends and just common Americans currently 15 people that believe she did not do this crime."

The same post also posits that Kevin Krim and Ortega were having an affair and that Marina Krim found out and murdered her children and stabbed Ortega in order to get even with him.

The page was created on October 29, four days after the murders. Several people who believe Ortega is guilty lashed out at the administrators for claiming her innocence. One person wrote:

"What's a fair the trial [sic] about? SHE ADMITTED IT! Yoselyn should have bled to death. Yoselyn is a useless savage who admitted she's a murderer. That was the act of a savage who should never been allowed to live in the USA. Someone who lives in a city with normal people, going to work pretending she's one of them is a SOCIOPATH not a human."
Another person wrote:
"The only reason I would ever pray for her recovery is so she can be released from the hospital and thrown in a jail cell where she will most likely be beaten by other inmates. My other prayer is that after spending the next 30 years in jail that she will die a slow and painful death and then BURN IN HELL."
Ortega is still recovering from self-inflicted stab wounds at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

A rival page called "Shut Up RaqHell She Is Delusional" was created a couple of days later. One poster was outraged that Ortega's family would use the pictures of Lucia and Leo Krim on their page. The user wrote:

"The page Raquel established is in support of a MURDERER and the she posted pictures of the DECEASED VICTIMS. It is uncalled. The murderer's family has no right to distribute and post photos of the deceased victims. Amazing she lacks common sense that the family of the nanny should refrain from using photos of the 2 butchered children :-("
Kevin and Marina Krim have tried to remain out of the spotlight since the murders and are instead focusing on protecting their surviving child, 3-year-old Nessie. The children's paternal grandmother, Karen Krim, said, "She will have lots of love and will be fine. Under the circumstances, we are all doing as well as can be expected."

What do you think of the Facebook page supporting Yoselyn Ortega?