Kangaroo Attacks Politician, Public Worried About Kangaroo [Photo]

A kangaroo has attacked an Australian politician, Green party member Shane Rattenbury — and some people are more concerned about the fate of the mugger than the guy who says himself that he came off second-best in the battle. Rattenbury tweeted a photo of some nasty-looking bloody cuts that he received at the claws of the combative kangaroo. Check out his photo down below.

But the gruesome photo still wasn’t necessarily enough to garner public sympathy for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) politician.

According to The Guardian, the attractive 41-year-old jogger was startled to learn that many of his colleagues were more concerned about the perpetrator of the kangaroo attack.

“I can assure people that the kangaroo is fine,” Rattenbury said. “It was last seen hopping off into the distance quite comfortably.”

The politician himself was badly hurt enough that he was knocked to the ground, where he was noticed by the driver of a vehicle passing by. The driver rescued Rattenbury and took him to a nearby hospital.

Fortunately, the kangaroo attack injuries turned out to be fairly minor.

At the end of the day, the clinic cleaned up the politician’s cuts, gave him a tetanus shot, and sent him on his way.

A search for the “offending kangaroo” — as a waggish Australian TV commentator put it — turned up several thousand possible candidates in the area. Uh oh. There’s not much hope of identifying the guilty party, I’m afraid.

The extremely numerous kangaroo population in the Canberra area has resulted in a demand by some officials for a cull of the animals. “The Greens have not opposed that cull,” Rattenbury said, adding that he accepts the science suggesting that there are too many kangaroos as a result of the loss of native predators.

I know it’s evil, but I think there should be more hand-to-hand battles between politicians and kangaroos. C’mon. You can admit it to me.

Wasn’t that your gut reaction to the kangaroo attack?

[kangaroo photo by Christopher Meder via Shutterstock]