Morgan Freeman Gets His Drink On In ‘Last Vegas’ [Video]

First there was the wolf pack in The Hangover and now the old timers are getting their own Hangover-esque adventure. Months ago we debuted the synopsis for Last Vegas, the film that sees Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, Robert DeNiro and Michael Douglas rolling the dice for a boys only weekend.

Now we have the first exclusive teaser trailer that sees the guys getting a little loopy. The first trailer shows the men gathering in Las Vegas on the heels of Kevin Kline’s character nuptials. The four men promise they’re going to party like it’s 1959, but it looks like we shouldn’t expect any bobbysoxers in this one.

Instead the men find themselves involved in some crazy hi-jinks and in one scene it looks like they waltz into a true MTV spring break situation. From the trailer we can gather that the guys will have their share of barely legal women, booze, and gambling — all things that are synonymous with Las Vegas.

It’s harmless fun for these guys and it looks like a great time at the movies. Directed by Jon Turteltaub of National Treasure fame, the film looks like a huge hit in the making, mainly because it has as much comedic value as watching one’s grandpa get drunk. Really, who can resist watching Freeman get his vodka and redbull on? It sounds like it could be a separate film all by itself.

Hopefully Freeman’s comedic and uncensored performance will dispel those pesky death rumors that seem to crop up every few months. Speaking about his death hoax, Freeman mentioned his time in Las Vegas while filming the comedy: “I did go to Las Vegas to begin work on the film Last Vegas. That is anything but a death sentence.”

Will you be going to see Last Vegas when it hits theaters on November 1st?

Check out the trailer below: